Welcome to cheapskategamer, an Ultra-Cheap AAA Pc Games Site. Today the Pc has started playing the role of consoles more than the job of pc itself. Gone are the days when pc was used only for the academic purpose. Now pc is the chief utility device for entertainment among the youth. Charles Babbage must not have imagined in his wildest dreams while he invented the modern computer that his successors will turn the pc he invented into this repository of entertainment that can be replaced with nothing else. Pc is the best place to play all the recent video games in one place. The recent video games have taken the world of gaming by storm. Nothing before and nothing ever after will become such a wild rage amongst a community. The recent video games have changed the lives of so many people by introducing a new way of living in the world of entertainment.

News from the Gaming World

  • The famous pc game Fallout 76 has removed the best of its players from its map in the survival mode. This has created quite a hustle-bustle in the community.
  • World’s first solid-state drive that can be cooled down with water, we mean it’s 100% waterproof.
  • The very popular pc game Bloodstained has its designers to design the boss in a way that there is no way to defeat it
  • Finally, the review of Final Fantasy 14 is out. This is one of the best games you can ever imagine playing on your PC or console.
  • The footages of the Blair Witch game is out. Get ready for the most scintillating experience of the game on your pc
  • Now you can have an extra utility monitor for just $140 if only you have a gift voucher of $50. So grab the offer now and take your gaming experience a notch up with the utility monitor.

Best Recent Pc Video AAA Games Released

Here is a list of most recent video games that you just cannot miss.

  1. Baldur’s Gate 3: though this game has got a few setbacks which made many think that this game will never release, this game finally came out as a surprise to its lovers. The game is based on the most popular game of all times Dungeons and Dragons.
  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: This game can simply be compared to old wine that has aged gracefully. One of the best games that keeps you immersed for a long time and will never fail your expectations.
  3. Dragon Age: Inquisition: the theme of the dragon has never failed to entertain the viewers and the players. The main storyline and the side contents of the story will keep you engrossed for hours and you will not realize where the time flew.
  4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: this one is a household name when it comes to pc games. This time the game has come with better graphics and higher resolutions to make your experience even better. The apocalyptic scenario of the game is the plus point of the game, many critics say. The darker the theme, the more it appeals to the players.
  5. Dark Souls 3: this fiery, action-packed video game has been winning hearts ever since its first release. This game can be now played on PlayStation 4 and has come back with more vigor than the previous two versions of the pc game. imagine being a character of your dreams and fight your enemies with your own hands. This game offers the same kind of thrills.

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What does AAA Mean in Gaming?

Just like the film industry has the term blockbuster, the gaming industry has the analogous term AAA or also called triple A. these depict the most recent video games that have entered the market. The term triple-A was used for the first time in the 1990s when the gaming industry was in its verge of flourishing. The games that brought in additional revenue even after a long time after it released, they would be tagged as AAA.