To be a gamer is not necessary to spend a fortune. I tell you that I love to download free PC games whenever I can, and I have found different methods to do it. But best of all, they’re 100% legal Games, which means I don’t have to be looking for cracks or pirate methods that often come with viruses.

The methods I will teach you below are divided into three:

  • Websites to download free games;
  • Apps where you’ll find betas and free games;
  • Free games available by the developers themselves.

Many of the most popular games of the time are free (with microtransactions, it is true), and that is why more and more developers choose to do so as well. Also, several distributors do the same to get more visibility.

Good free games are launched every month, but be careful not to miss these opportunities. Even if you don’t worry, if you follow our advice, you’ll have a bookstore full of free games in a year.

Steam, Origin, GOG, PSN

Love freebies and free giveaways games? Here you will find everything that is given to Steam, Origin, GOG, PSN and other places.

Giving Away Free Steam Strategy Age of Wonders 3

In Steam began free distribution strategy Age of Wonders 3. The promotion is valid until July 15. Here you can choose one of the six available classes of heroes, engage in its development, build settlements, collect armies, and fight against enemies. There are also allies, which include the six main races.

Epic Games Store Starts Free Distribution RPG Torchlight

Today in Epic Games Store starts free distribution of role-playing action Torchlight. The campaign will be valid until July 18. Players will visit procedurally-generated dungeons, look for prey, pump your character, fight with numerous opponents, and discover the secrets of the world. The game has a lot of positive reviews on Steam and is highly appreciated by both critics and players.

Online Shooter Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Began a Free Weekend

It became known that the military shooter Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will be free for a week. This auction is timed to coincide with the release of generosity additions Green Army Men. Freebie began yesterday (9 July) and will last until 16 number of. The game is a multiplayer shooter from the 1st person. Events unfold during the Vietnam war. Here you will find six different sides, a lot of military equipment and weapons samples.

EGS Started Free Distribution of the Cooperative Game Overcooked

In Epic Games Store started free distribution of cooperative game Overcooked, in which it is necessary to quickly and cool to cook a variety of dishes. Here you will find simple gameplay, fun atmosphere, different characters, single and co-op mode for four players. The distribution will be relevant from 4 to 11 July.

Play Planet Explorers RPG for Free on Steam

Freebies, gamers – in Steam for free became available role-playing game Planet Explorers. Here you can change the terrain in any way, to create different objects. The plot is set in 2287 — the colonial ship of the Earth lands on an unfamiliar planet, but crashes. The survivors will become explorers, gather resources, build, and fight. Here players will find not only the story mode but also the opportunity to play in co-op or against each other.

Epic Games Store Gives Away the Last Day of June Adventure Game for Free

Starting today (June 27) in Epic Games Store you can get a touching interactive adventure game Last Day of June. The game is very emotional and reveals feelings, making you think about what he is ready to go for the sake of a loved one.

Dead by Daylight Began the Free Weekend

Behaviour Digital has announced a free weekend in asymmetric horror Dead by Daylight. The promotion is valid until June 23. Here you will find intense gameplay and many characters from famous horror movies.

World War 3 is Free Weekend

In Steam started a free weekend in the shooter World War 3. It will be relevant until June 23. The game will take gamers to the battlefields of the Third world war. There are many types of realistic weapons, vehicles, real-life locations, and customization.