The Bard’s Tale 4: Director’s Cut Announces a Release Date for Their RPG Classic on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

inXile Entertainment, one of the most specialized in making the role of the conventional type at present, has announced the release date of The Bard’s Tale: the Directors Cut. The studio’s role-playing video game will appear on August 27 in digital format for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will do so a few days later in physical for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on September 6.

The peculiarity of the downloadable versions of compatible and Microsoft’s video console is that it will be available through Xbox Game Pass, although on PC it can also be purchased through GOG or Steam.

What specific features does this version have? According to their managers, it is the final edition of the Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep, a role-playing video game that had a rather problematic release and now comes loaded with improvements.

This Version is Full of New Features, Corrections, and Content

“The version The Director’s Cut is full of new features, fixes, and content, making it the definitive edition of The Bard’s Tale IV. Along with an update of the Unreal Engine that makes the game look, play and sound better than ever, The Bard’s Tale IV: director’s Cut directly addresses comments received after the launch of the original game with thousands of Corrections and settings included,” they explain from inXile.

It is not the only project around the franchise and is that in Summer 2018 it was announced that the first three Bard’s Tale would be remastered.

The Authors of Wasteland 3 Consider Themselves Very Fortunate to Have Been Bought by Xbox

Brian Fargo is particularly prolific about statements over the past few weeks, and that’s very interesting because it doesn’t just allow us to learn new details about the stimulating Wasteland 3 they’re working on. It also gives information on the enthusiasm they show when talking about their purchase by Microsoft.

“I can say that, at Team level and from a development point of view, we are excited to partner with Microsoft,” says Tim Campbell, one of the study’s managers, in words from the WccfTech portal. “That will allow us, among other things, to make Wasteland 3 the video game that we really want to do and, moreover, to do better than we would have done for ourselves.”

Have Placed Their Trust in Us

Brian Fargo, for his part, claims that they are “very lucky that Microsoft trusted them” to add them to their Xbox Game Studios Group, the teams that develop video games for Xbox consoles and Windows 10. “I think there’s always a concern when a studio is bought, and it’s natural. But what we feel is that they trust us. We have told them what we want to do in the future, and we have the feeling that they have placed their trust in us.”

Moreover, such agreements are very positive among the studies that form part of the Redmond conglomerate. “We share a lot of information between the different studies. We talked a lot, for example, with the people of the Coalition,” he said about the authors of the expected Gears 5. “If we do anything that has to do with shootings, we call them. If we want to do something about water, we talk to the people who are doing Sea Of Thieves to consult them. And all that’s great, we all share things, and we’re in constant communication. We want to help each other.”