Those of you who are not very aware of casinos, like I was earlier, will think that casinos are only casinos. their chief job is to offer casino games. At most, some of you might categories them between land or an offline casino and an online casino. However, online casinos can be further divided into instant casinos and download casinos. Instant casinos are those for which your phone doesn’t have to consume any software and you can play instantly as you log in to the website. However, download casinos are those for which you need to download an application on your device and then access the games. For more information on download and instant casinos keep reading the blog.

Differences Between Download Casinos and Instant Casinos

As mentioned before, the basic difference between the instant casinos and the download casinos is that for the former you do not have to download any software or application to play the games as you can access them instantly as you log in to the website and sign up with them and for the latter you do have to download the application recommended to play the games. There are a few legal online casinos that offer both the options of download and instant play. Whereas there are a few that gives only the options for download or instant play. the best of the online casinos, however, have both the options open for you. In the download casinos, the download can be done for free from the play stores or any other stores.

Why Instant Casinos are The Better Choice For You

Although both the options are good enough and convenient, it is always a better choice to choose the these casinos. Why? The reasons are simple. Firstly because you can play your favorite casino games in them without any worry of downloading. Plus downloading can cost you some data. The instant option saves you from ending up spending your data unnecessarily. However, the even better reason lies behind. It’s the casino bonus that the casinos offer. The instant casinos offer a lucrative sum of casino bonus that one can use to play their favorite casino games like slot games, online poker, blackjack for free and win real money.

Players come to the casino of choice with a game category in mind. If they have roulette in mind, the player heads to the casino game section to select one of the variants. Good casinos should have somewhat variety in gameplay and house edge regarding RNG-based and live table games. Most players, however, don’t have a preference but choose games that have the force of attraction at the moment. For example, RocketPlay Casino for Canadians is known for catering to players who have a varied preference for casino games as well as lucrative bonuses for each game category.

Different Types of Bonuses at Instant Casinos

We have established that instant casinos are the better choice when picking between them and download casinos. This leaves us to have a look at what type of promotions you can come across when you finally pick an operator.

While there are various aspects and features you should pay attention to when choosing a new casino platform, you should always pick the best online casinos with amazing promotions that will give you a boost when you first start playing.

Various bonuses are available and each operator chooses what they will offer to registered members. The most popular and common promotions that you will come across include a welcome bonus, reload bonus, referral bonus, cashback reward, and from time-to-time a no deposit bonus.

While they may seem similar in some ways, all these promotions have their unique twist. A welcome bonus is a promotion that operators offer only to new players. For a minimum deposit, players can claim a deposit match and use it to play qualifying casino games.

Reload bonuses are the most common promos that you will come across, and they can be offered daily or weekly. They require a deposit, and depending on the casino, it will either give you a smaller deposit match or free spins.

A cashback reward is a bonus you can claim when you have lost a certain amount. The operator will give back a certain percentage back to your balance.

A no deposit bonus is the most desired promo that one operator can offer. Players can claim it for free after signing up and can use it to play with minimal risk, and potentially win real money.

Instant Win Games – Play & Enjoy Free Casino Games Online

With these casinos, you can play the best and most exclusive of the casino games like a lot of multi-themed slot games, online poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, crap and many more games for free. The procedure of paying is quite easy. All you have to do is log in to the website and sign up with your favorite online casino. Next, you can choose the casino bonus you want and simply start playing. The withdrawal procedure of the money that you have won or have deposited is also quite simple and hassle-free and above all safe. Hence it is ensured that you have a smooth and fun experience.